Please read the rules carefully

  1. Pool play will be used for all age groups. The 1st place team advances to the gold championship bracket and the 2nd place team advance to the silver championship bracket.
  2. 10U-12U 14 min halves. 13U-17U 16 min halves
  3. Maximum point differential counted toward tie-breaker is 15 points.
  4. Teams will be allowed 3 minutes to warm up. Halftime will be 3 minutes.
  5. All overtimes are 3 minutes.
    * Double overtime is sudden death.
    * First team scores 2 points wins.
  6. GHSA Rules will apply.
  7. Only game balls will be provided. Must bring your own ball to warm up with.
  8. 2 man referee crews
  9. Time outs per game:
    * 4 20-second timeouts
    * 1 additional 20-second timeout for each overtime period
  10. Home team is listed first on the schedule and will wear light-colored uniforms and sit to the left of the scorer’s table as you face the court.
  11. Coaches MUST fill out a score sheet (provided at table) prior to the start of each game and turn it in at the scorer’s table.
  12. 6 personal fouls to foul out.
  13. Mercy rules: Game will automatically end if any team is up by 20 points with 3 minutes left in game.
  14. Players will need to be wearing game uniform for entrance.
  15. Players can only play for one team/age group in the tournament. No switching.
  16. Social media hashtag will be #AtlantaMDC please share with your players
  17. Tournament Director has the final call on all game related matters
  18. Only 3 COACHES BANDS PER TEAM. All extra personnel will have to pay the daily admission.

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